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Last seen 26 January 2023, 08:40
48 years old   Hamilton, Florida


a man, looking for a woman aged 18-80
About me:
I am a solid person that my friends can count on. In love I prefer tender hugs and caresses to tumultuous passion. A romantic in my soul, sensitive and attentive to my partner, I know how to make myself wanted through my kindness and charm. Dinners by candlelight and weekends in Venice are what I aspire to in love. I am happy with someone gentle who is neither possessive, jealous nor impulsively aggressive. To attract me, a person must be cultivated, romantic, warm and well brought up.
I enjoy going out to dinner & seeing a flic. I don't mind the bar & club spots as long as I'm with someone. I do like to do new things. I especially like it when she comes up with an idea too.
I do tend to find myself at a local pub to visit my friends working there, other than the weekend outings, I tend to try to actually do work durring the week. I do like to eat out every once in awhile, but alone kinda kills the notion lately.
I do love Computer Games. I also love to drive my car too. I enjoy the movies, but will tend to stick to the ones I know should be good. Dinner is my favorite meal, tend to eat it twice, instead to breakfast.