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Last seen 07 February 2023, 19:14
62 years old   Baxter, Arkansas


a man, looking for a woman aged 18-80
About me:
Thanks for taking a peek. If you are like me you have a lot of profiles to get through so I won?t hold you up with a novel worth of info that won?t get read. Let me hit the high lights and if you care for details you know what to do in your leisure.
? I know who I am and my limitations and potential
? I am real, if I say you are cool you are, I am not saying it just to be polite.
? I am not a commitmentphobe should it come to that.
? If for fun for a time I am the upmost discreet; the secret to where the MOB hit all the bodies will come to light quicker than I will give details of what we done.
? I am not clingy or needy, you won?t get tones of calls, emails or me popping up on your doorstep.
? I am more focused on if you are a real person more than just your T&A, that you can have all day but quality people are a rarity.
? I am not stagnant I can think outside-the-box.