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Last seen 07 February 2023, 19:22
38 years old   Gillespie, Texas


a man, looking for a woman aged 18-80
About me:
I like to have sex alot! just that simple. no strings no drama. just long ruff satifying sex is one thing that is very important to me in a realtionship. Also no cheaters. i want a woman dedicated to me. i do however want to take some time and get to know a person on all levels before i make a deciosion but once i fall for someone i am faithful and honest always. even when it can hurt them but i see at my age that to many guys lie to girls to get what they want. why not tell the truth up front it so much easyer in the end. I can go all night. oh and if your looking for mando man not here i am avarage but what i lack in size i more than make up in longgevity. I love eating sweet pussy(have been told i was better than one girls girl friend). I plan on sticking johny whereever he feels like going so if your closed on sertain things you need to tell me up front. i am looking for a woman who is willing to skrew my brains out. use me or lose me i dont care just give me a chance and you'll have a new standard for the next guy you sleep with depending on how far we get in oour friendship/ possible relationship you never really know tell you try.